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""There is nothing like it" - Aegir, Satt

Aegir Fridriksson is an award winner for culinary arts and recognized Master Chef both in Iceland and abroad. Aegir studied at Hotel Saga and later worked at Picnic & Restaurante ME in Barcelona. Today he is the Head Chef at Salt Restaurant in the Hotel Reykjavik Natura.

Aegir is a fan of Klaustur Char; “It’s a great fish and the best we can offer our guests and we get a lot of praise for it. Icelanders and foreigners alike.”

Satt Restaurant website

"Klaustur Char is the new Salmon" - Siggi San

Sigurdur Karl Gudgeirsson, better known as Siggi San, studied the culinary arts at Perlan Restaurant in Reykjavik. Siggi San studied Sushi in Denmark under the guidance of Isao Suzuki. Siggi has focused on the art of Sushi and held popular courses for Icelandic Chefs. He is the founder of SuZushii which has been voted the best Sushi Restaurant in Iceland for three consecutive years.

Siggi San uses Klaustur Char for Sushi; “The Klaustur Char is the new Salmon to make quality Sushi”.

SuZushi website

The Klaustur Char

Kirkjubaejarklaustur in the South-West of Iceland is renowned for its natural beauty, mild weather and unparalleled outdoor activities. A number of Icelandic landmarks are found a short distance from Kirkjubaejarklaustur – places such as Lakagigar, Eldgja, Skaftafell and Vatnajokull. Today Kirkjubaejarklaustur is a hub for communication and tourism in the region with a variety of hotels, restaurants and recreational facilities.

"Klaustur Char is simply the best" - Völli Snær, Borg

Völli Snaer at Hotel Borg is best known for coming up with ingenious and delicious new dishes. He was born and raised in Adaldal, the cradle of Icelandic Salmon and Char fishing. Völli knows first hand that Klaustur Char is simply the best raw material available today.

Völli knows what makes good Char: "Klaustur Char has a firmness to it, and a rich flavor, and a beautiful texture. That makes it top quality Char."

Hótel Borg website


Established in 1995 at Kirkjubaejarklaustur in Iceland, Klausturbleikja is a leading aqua-cultural producer of Arctic Char. The unique aspect of Klaustur Char is that it’s raised and harvested in a free flowing spring water source.

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